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Packing List

While many amenities are supplied for you, you may want to bring additional items for recreation, decoration or everyday necessity.

  •  Required Documents

    Original unexpired documents as outlined below. A photocopy is not acceptable.

    You will need to show a valid (non-expired) government issued photo ID and proper employment eligibility documentation. Review the list of acceptable documents and be sure to bring the originals with you.

  •  Medical Insurance Information

    Please review the details provided regarding Medical Insurance for your specific program type on the Pre-Arrival Checklist.

  •  Money

    It is recommended you bring money with you to cover your personal living expenses until your second (CA) or third (FL) pay period. This could range from 14 to 23 days.

  •  Arrival Itinerary

    Make sure to print and bring your arrival itinerary.

  •  Car

    If you bring a car, please be sure to bring your driver’s license and:

    Florida - Current vehicle registration and insurance (you do not need to be the primary policy holder, but your name should be listed as being covered)

    California - Parking Form (will be available in DORMS)

  •  Electronics

    • TV (must be digital to receive full cable lineup)
    • DVD player
    • Toaster
    • Coffee Maker
    • Alarm Clock
    • Computer
  •  Clothing

    Professional clothing (including dress shoes), casual clothing, and a sweater/jacket

    Review the Disney Look Guidelines for more details.

  •  Personal items

    Linens, pillows, towels, cosmetics/toiletries and personal medications.

International Program Participants

Prior to departing to the United States, you MUST have the following original documentation (no copies will be accepted). Make sure to pack these items in your carry-on luggage as you will need this information upon arrival:

  • Passport with visa stamp*
  • Original DS2019 Form signed, city where signed and dated (J visa holder only)
  • Proof of medical insurance from Llodys of London (J visa holder only)
  • Original Birth certificate (Q visa holder only)

What not to bring

The following items are prohibited and can not be brought with you:

  • Pets (with the exception of fish in a five-gallon tank or smaller)
  • Candles (our fire code prohibits burning them)
  • Weapons of any type
  • Hookah pipes / drug paraphernalia
  • Bicycles (FL only - there is no place to store your bike)
  • Tasers

Air Travelers

The Disney Housing team does not have facilities to store incoming participants' personal belongings. If you have belongings you do not wish to bring with you on your flight, you should leave these items with a family member or friend and have them ship your items as soon as you obtain your postal mailing address when you check in.

We would encourage you to research your airline's additional luggage fee because it may or may not be less than shipping your items via the U.S.P.S., UPS or FedEx.

Many boxes packed for travel