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Pre-arrival checklist

Whether you’ve lived far away from home before or have never been more than a few miles from your loved ones, we want to make sure you are ready and excited to begin your Disney story. Each checklist contains important actions/ milestones you should follow to prepare for your program.

Things to do now!

The following items should be addressed as soon as possible.

  • Secure Employment Eligibility Documentation

    To begin working, you will need to show proper employment eligibility documentation. Review the list of acceptable documents and be sure to bring the originals with you (no copies will be accepted).

  • Bring a Valid Government Issued Photo ID

    You will need a valid (non-expired) Government Issued Photo ID to complete your background check and Disney Traditions.

  • Review Medical Accommodations (if needed)

    If you need to request a medical accommodation in the workplace and/or Housing, you will need to submit the following forms to Health Services for review: Request for Medical Accommodation in Employment and Medical Provider's Certification for Employee Accommodations. Instructions for completion and submission of these forms are included on the Request for Medical Accommodation in Employment form.

    You should only complete the medical forms if you need to request medical accommodations. If you do not need to request medical accommodations, you do not need to complete this form.

  • Review Religious Accommodations (if needed)

    If you need to request a religious accommodation in the workplace, you will need to submit the following form to Employee Relations. The accommodation form should be emailed to or may be faxed to 407-938-6587.

  • Make Travel Plans

    Check-in could begin as early as 8 a.m., and you will be assigned an arrival time approximately one week prior to your arrival date. Review the Arrival Information section for more information including directions to the check-in location and an overview of your first few days.

30 - 60 Days Before Arrival

As your arrival day draws closer, please keep watch for important communication from us for links to several of these items.

  • Housing / Roommate Preferences

    Incoming participants may have the opportunity to indicate preferences for apartment complex, unit size and/or roommates. Registration begins approximately 49-60 days prior to check-in day. You may learn more about our housing complexes by clicking here!

  • Accurate Background Check (California only)

    Verbiage for Accurate Background Check (California only): Approximately 45 days before arrival, Disneyland participants will receive an email from Accurate Backgrounds, Inc. to facilitate the backgrounds process. This email is time sensitive and must be completed in the allotted time.

  • Complete Hire Documentation

    A message to access The New Hire Portal will be sent 4 to 6 weeks prior your arrival date prompting you to complete required pre-arrival documentation. Please complete all required documents as soon as you receive the message. Not completing it will likely delay your arrival process.

  • Setting Up Direct Deposit

    You will need your bank account and routing numbers to set up direct deposit when completing the New Hire Portal documentation.

  • Complete Course Registration

    You will receive a message when course registration officially goes live. In the meantime, please click here for more information on our Education component.

  • Prepare for Swim Test (Lifeguards only)

    Lifeguard cast members are strongly encouraged to complete a practice swim test prior to arrival. The swim test consists of:

    • Swim 200 yards (183 meters) freestyle or breaststroke
    • Retrieve a 10-lb (4.5 kg) brick from the deepest section of the pool (minimum 8 feet / 2.4 meters)
    • Tread water with hands out of the water for two minutes
  • Gain Approval for School Evaluations

    Gain approval for any forms your school or faculty may require in order for you to gain credit fo your experience.

10 - 20 Days Before Arrival

Your arrival day is right around the corner! Please ensure all of the following items are completed so that you are ready to go.

  • Renter's Insurance

    Secure Renters Insurance (Required for California participants; Optional for Florida participants)

  • Medical Insurance

    Medical insurance is not provided; therefore, you will be responsible for securing your own medical insurance for the duration of your program. Consult with your current medical insurance provider regarding the provider's coverage for students participating on academic internships, co-ops, or work-study programs.

  • Bring Proper Vehicle Documentation

    Participants bringing a vehicle must register their vehicle and will be charged a decal fee. A valid driver’s license, current vehicle registration and proof of U.S. vehicle insurance are required to secure a parking decal. You will receive more information about registering your vehicle approximately two weeks before your arrival date.

  • Pre-Arrival Video Requirement (Florida-only)

    In anticipation of your program start date, you will receive a series of pre-arrival videos via email. Designed to provide information and resources, these short videos range in topics from ‘what to pack’ to ‘transportation tips and tricks’ – all inspired by participant feedback and suggestions. Be sure to set aside some time to watch these videos; they are a pre-arrival requirement and will need to be completed prior to check-in.

  • Post-Offer Employment Assessments

    Drug and Alcohol Test (DAT) – To ensure a safe and healthy environment for our Guests and Cast, we are committed to maintaining a workplace free of the influences of drugs. For specific roles, an offer of employment is conditional based on a satisfactory result of a drug test result for illegal substances.

    Post Offer Employment Test (POET) – The position may require a post-offer employment test designed to measure the physical abilities needed to safely perform the role. These tests simulate the motions and movements performed in a role such as lifting, pushing, pulling and placing items on a shelf. These tests are designed to ensure that candidates are capable of performing essential job functions safely.

  • Pack

    Review the list of suggested items to bring as well as the list of prohibited items.

  • School Issued Knife Set

    Please be prepared to bring your school issued knife set with you. Culinary Program participants only